Meet Malargüe. Province of Mendoza

Enjoy Malargüe in all seasons throughout the year.

Malargüe is located in the south- west of the Province of Mendoza angle. Its boundaries are : north and east San Rafael, south of the province of Neuquen, east with the province of La Pampa, the west with the Republic of Chile.
It has the longest border limit within Mendoza and territorial extension It is the largest in the province: 41,317 km2. Its height above sea level is 1,402 m. Malargüe population according to official figures is 35,000.

Malargüe, a destination to feel

Malargüe lived and felt thousands of emotions in a single destination.

Malargüe is a strange and surprising destination, behind its warm calm city and growing, a varied agenda tourist circuits volcanic landscapes merge with lifestyle Malargüe puestero and important scientific advances. For over a decade, and thanks to the diversity of its natural, cultural and gastronomic beauties, the destination is known Malargüe level national and international, offering tourists stay in relaxation you need. Under the protection of the Andes and Route 40 as the backbone, continues to consolidate as a destination strong tourist season. Soon added the exciting Paso Pehuenche to the neighboring country of Chile.

A walk through the largest volcanic park in South America, bird watching in a wetland, trekking to the inside of a volcano, rock climbing, mountain deep into a cave, to get into the bowels of the mountain valleys to enjoy fishing or a place to taste an exquisite chivito and know the culture of the rural population, are some of the many options that Malargüe offers.

Peopled by Puelches and Pehuenches, this department was called by the native peoples as Malal-Hue "Place where there Malales". The malal is a landform that rises above the surrounding plain. Being a high place, it becomes a natural viewpoint, which can also be translated Malargüe as "a place to look beyond."

Considered the National Capital Adventure Tourism, Malargüe brings extraordinary riches for minds restless, eager to discover unexplored worlds, fossils and archaeological remains of thousands of years ago, a place where the wonder and culture combine to make the tourist's visit unforgettable.

Sports in Malargüe

Horseback riding through valleys and mountains.
Mountain Bike. Cruises cycling.
Rafting in Superior Río Atuel, Río Salado Malargüe.
Snowboard only 70 km. in the valley of Las Leñas.

Ski only 70 km. in the valley of Las Leñas.
Trucas and mackerel fishing.
Rappelling, climbing and zip line.

Tourist attractions

Malargue offers an extraordinary choice for adventure and eco-tourism.